What is The Live Well Project?

What if there was an organization of experienced, dedicated health professionals that believe in holistic wellness and could help you heal and gain well-being without the harmful side effects of conventional medications...? What if people who must take conventional medications for mood disorders had access to non-toxic supplements that would help them tolerate their meds?  It is our unwavering mission to bring natural wellness treatments, herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins & supplements and organic foods to help heal our most vulnerable citizens, to speak out about mental health and lobby to ensure the safety, validity and availability of these plants and supportive supplements. Through street-level outreach and community events we help provide nutrition and supplements to those who can not afford them or would like to be educated on what their options truly are for complete wellness!

Be the light...  Become a Wellness Renegade 

 The plan is to make health & wellness available to everyone!  Providing not only; wellness  programs  but vitamins, supplements, herbal medicines and homeopathics to the most fragile members of our community. The Live Well Project is helping communities provide healthy living and better nutrition  through our Supplemental Detox and Recovery Programs, Stone Soup and Community Gardens Program.  We are able to accomplish this only with the donations of time and supplements from our industry leaders, as well as, monetary donations from the public.  Our primary source of funding is through our medicinary.  We offer 25% off of over 11,000 items including CBD products.  At this time, not one single dollar is allocated for salaries or offices. Every penny goes towards the wellness of someone in need...

 We have 3 primary ways of providing    services:

  • Requests: If you have a specific product, prescribed herbal medicine, homeopathic remedy, supplement or service which you can not afford. We can help you get it!

  • Info & Education: Providing free wellness and nutritional information through online clinics and dedicated volunteers who take calls and answer questions via email 7 days a week.  

  • Outreach: Traveling clinics, our Stone Soup Project and free community outreach is really the backbone of The Live Well Project...

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