Spring Detox Protocol

It's Spring already...maybe not by the calendar, but certainly by the weather!It's the time of year when our bodies are ready to shed the little bit of extra weight and toxins we've collected during our "winter hibernation." Mother Nature always tells us when it's time; little dandelion and milk thistle plants start to pop out of the ground, and both are wonderful botanicals for liver detoxification. Used together as a tincture, they work wonders to help relieve the liver's toxic burden. Dandelion leaf is helpful as a kidney detox too. One of the easiest changes to implement is drinking a glass of luke-warm water immediately after rising in the morning. Adding a teaspoon of lemon juice or a tablespoon apple cider vinegar will definitely amplify your results. This is the time for Spring cleaning of both our homes and our bodies! If we simply eliminate the most common allergenic and processed foods from our diet (even if we don't think we're sensitive to them) we can greatly facilitate the lightening of our physical toxic load.

The top seven dietary items to avoid are:

  1. Wheat

  2. Dairy

  3. Soy

  4. Corn

  5. Sugar

  6. Caffeine

  7. Alcohol

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