Current Projects

Outreach: Helping the chronically ill, addicted and the mentally ill population through natural remedies, nutrition and education:​​​​

​​​​When studying statistics of mental illness and addiction within the homeless and traveling communities; the most startling findings were that every agency had an angle, so every study's population numbers appeared to serve the appropriate purpose of the study.  The most unfortunate consistency was that the numbers were overwhelming and heart wrenching. Many of the people that we have met in these situations are teens and young adults with a broad range of diagnosis' but the majority were kicked out of their homes for being non-compliant with meds or self medicating.  We have seen the most success with this specific group because there are a number of alternative medicines, coping exercises and nutritional protocols that can alleviate a large percentage of symptoms in anxiety, panic and addiction recovery patients. In addition to their willingness to follow the suggested protocols (unless manic), they are also most likely to give support within their community! Creating safe havens, community support and education among first-responders is vital to supporting this particularly fragile area of our community. With your help, we can not only help those who are suffering; but increase public awareness and reduce these stigmas...

Free Mobile Clinics and Nutritional Supplements

Stone Soup Projects:

Teaching communities how to network with restaurants and farms; utilizing unused food to feed their most vulnerable neighbors. Feeding the homeless, travelers, the elderly, hungry families and the ill; as well as, providing recipes, coupons and nutritional information for anyone who wants to learn more about living well on a budget.

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